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Rumor of the Day: Is Universal working on a Star Trek amusement park?

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Dec 3, 2019, 1:51 PM EST (Updated)

The competitive nature of Hollywood studios also extends to their amusement parks. According to multiple reports from Orlando Weekly and Attractions Magazine, Universal Studios in Florida is working on a Stark Trek-themed amusement park to rival that of Disney World's upcoming Star Wars: Edge of the Galaxy. Rumors have been flying about a Star Trek or Bourne ride replacing the T2 coaster, which closed forever last fall.

However, a full-on Federation-style park sounds a lot more prudent, especially since Universal has to contend with the galaxy far, far away when Galaxy's Edge opens next year in California and Florida. Two iterations are opening, one at Disney Land in the summer of 2019 and one in Disney World in the fall of 2019. 

At the current time, Universal (owned by NBC, which also lays claim to SYFY WIRE) is definitely working on a Stranger Things maze in honor of Halloween and a ride based on Jurassic World. Last November, the Orlando Business Journal reported on the plans for a Nintendo Land in Orlando. Since Universal's Illumination Entertainment is producing the animated Mario movie, it makes sense. 

Getting back to the potential Star Trek park, the fandom is certainly there, but the question is what kind of attractions would populate such a place? Well, you could have a Kobayashi Maru simulation coaster where young Federation "cadets" (aka patrons of the park) can test their skills in a virtual scenario that requires creativity and ingenuity to win. Or have a ride based on The Wrath of Kahn, the Ricardo Montalbán version, not the Benedict Cumberbatch one. The possibilities are endless thanks to all the different versions and movies of Star Trek.  

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