Rumor of the Day: Jamie Foxx offered role of Spawn

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May 3, 2018, 4:20 PM EDT (Updated)

Todd McFarlane, creator of the soul-selling bad boy comic hero Spawn, has been working on his own film adaptation for the character for a long while. Production has hiccuped, false-started, and self-destructed more times than you think -- but now there’s a rumor that might smooth out all the bumps in the road. According to some dubious sources, the Spawn movie (with Jason Blum and Blumhouse Productions now in tow) has made an offer to its lead.

Yes, That Hashtag Show has wagered that the lead role of Spawn, aka Al Simmons, has been offered to Jamie Foxx, who had vied for the role back when the project was in the middle of its long gestation in 2013.

Watch the video to hear the rumor from the source:

Preparing for a shoot in August, the film needs to land its leads quickly if they want to maintain the stability with which they’ve prepared for the past six months. However, from what we’ve learned about the screenplay in the past, Spawn isn’t even the true protagonist of the film. That honor belongs to detective Twitch Williams, who seems to be the main route into the universe for fans. That means even if this rumor ends up panning out, the film will need to cast one more major role before it can even think about starting production.

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