Rumor of the Day: John Connor's parents will both be back for Terminator 5

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Jul 16, 2019, 2:01 PM EDT (Updated)

The time travel of Terminator might mean there's no fate but what we make. This latest casting rumor is still really surprising, though. 

We've been told that Terminator 5 (and its subsequent sequels) are meant to be a reboot of sorts. Despite that, though, rumors have surfaced suggesting that both Linda Hamilton (Sarah Connor) and Michael Biehn (Kyle Reese) will return to the series. 

We're not sure how that can possibly work. Obviously they're both too old to reprise the roles they once played. Or are they? We suppose there's a possibility that, in some alternate future, both Sarah and Kyle could have evaded Skynet's attacks and continued fighting the machines along with their son.

We'd normally write off a story like this completely, except that Arnold Schwarzenegger has also been insisting that he'll be, well, back. So if Arnie's really returning, then all bets are off.

What do you think? Are you game to see a return for the original Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese, or should the Terminator franchise be wiping the slate clean?

(via Comic Book Movie)



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