Rumor of the Day: Joker to return in live-action Batman TV series

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Jan 17, 2020, 1:51 PM EST (Updated)

After Christopher Nolan is done with The Dark Knight Rises—most likely his last Bat-film—Warner Brothers wants to keep the franchise alive with a new TV series. And the Caped Crusader's Big Bad will be none other than the Joker.

Inspired by the success of the recent incarnations of Sherlock Holmes—and the endurance of Smallville—Warner Brothers is hatching plans to bring the Dark Knight back to television, and to bring the Joker back with him. A high-ranking Warner executive—who'd previously overseen hit shows such as ER, The West Wing, Friends and Two and a Half Men—is running point on this new series, which is said to be "in line" with the Nolan movies.

What's more, they want to use the medium shift as a way to get the Clown Prince of Crime back in action: Since they'll be recasting Bruce Wayne for the small screen—Warner allegedly wants Karl Urban (Star Trek)—bringing in someone to take over the Joker for the late Heath Ledger might not seem quite as heretical.

Bear in mind, this should all be taken with an iceberg-sized grain of salt.

How do you feel about a new Batman? Is Urban the right man for the cowl? And is it too soon to resurrect the Joker?

(Via Comic Book Movie)

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