Rumor of the day: Justice League reshoots to feature more Wonder Woman?

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Jun 14, 2017

There's evidence to suggest that Wonder Woman's presence in Justice League is getting pumped up a bit. Possible spoilers ahead!

Reshoots on the epic DC Extended Universe team-up are underway now under the direction of Joss Whedon -- taking over for Zack Snyder -- and photos have surfaced suggesting that some of what is being filmed now takes place during the same World War I setting as the standalone Wonder Woman movie in theaters now.

We'll break here and drop in the Justice League trailer as a buffer if you don't want to continue. Please join us below if you don't mind potential spoilers:


A site called Batman Notes has published pictures from the set in England that feature early 20th-century cars and buses, along with a German fighter plane similar to the one that Chris Pine‘s Steve Trevor crashes in the water near Themyscira during the opening scenes of Wonder Woman.

We already know that Diana's mother Hippolyta and aunt Antiope -- Connie Nielsen and Robin Wright, respectively -- will make an encore appearance in Justice League in what is almost certainly a flashback, since Antiope dies early on in Wonder Woman.

But those scenes would almost certainly be contained to Themyscira. If they're shooting World War I-era material now, is it possible we'll be seeing more from Diana's days fighting in that war? Is there even a chance we might see a bit more from those days of Steve Trevor, who died at the end of Wonder Woman (although Chris Pine apparently signed a standard multiple-picture contract)?

All this is of course speculation for now. But here is another question to chew over: If the scenes in question are in fact meant to show more from Diana's World War I adventures, was that always the intention, or have these scenes been added as a reaction to the rapturous response that Wonder Woman has received from audiences and critics?

I'm certainly down with seeing more of Gal Gadot as Diana, but only if it's organic to the story and not just as a knee-jerk reaction to the success of a previous movie. We also know that Whedon is a big Wonder Woman fan who once worked on his own movie about her (that never got off the ground), so this might be his opportunity to say something about the character at last.

We'll find out how all this shakes out when Justice League opens on November 17. Would you like to see more of Diana in the movie, even if it's a last-minute addition?

(via Slashfilm)

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