Rumor of the day: Kid-focused Fantastic Four film in the works

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Jun 21, 2017, 12:30 PM EDT (Updated)

The last Fantastic Four movie was a complete and utter disaster, and a new rumor claims Fox will be taking the franchise in a completely different direction with its next attempt. How different? They’re not even focusing on the Fantastic Four, anymore.

Bleeding Cool reports “reliably sourced information” that claims the studio is working on a script that would shift the spotlight to Reed Richards and Sue Storm’s children Franklin and Valeria. They would apparently go off on an adventure, with The Thing and Human Torch tagging along. The vibe is apparently shooting for something in the same arena as The Incredibles, so this would definitely be a family friendly affair. If nothing else, it’s a very different direction from Josh Trank’s Ultimate Universe-inspired train wreck.

The script is reportedly being written by Seth Grahame-Smith (Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, Dark Shadows), which admittedly doesn’t inspire a ton of confidence.

Looking to the comics, there have been a lot of cool stories told over the years that feature Franklin and Valeria, and that formula certainly represents a way to differentiate this project from what’s come before (and the comic book genre in general). But, c'mon? Fans are still waiting for Fox to actually get the Fantastic Four right, first, before drilling down deeper. If anything, it’s telling that Fox’s current idea is to apparently sideline Marvel’s First Family, making them supporting players in their own movie.

What’s your take on this rumored project? Would you like to see this movie, or should Fox hit the negotiating table and find a way to team up with Marvel Studios? Hey, it seems to be working out pretty well for Sony and Spider-Man, right?