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Rumor of the Day: Kraven the Hunter nabs The Equalizer 2 screenwriter

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Aug 2, 2018, 2:10 PM EDT

Though Ryan Coogler was keen to use iconic Spider-Man villain Sergei Kravinoff AKA Kraven the Hunter in his incredible Black Panther, Sony maintained a tight grip over one of the flashiest members of the hero’s rogue gallery.

But now, with a standalone Kraven movie possibly coming from the studio to accompany Silver & Black, Venom, and others based on the fringes of the superhero universe Sony owns, fans might get even more of the baddie in his big screen debut — especially with a new rumor circulating around who might possibly write the film.

According to Collider, which cites “multiple sources,” Sony has hired The Equalizer 2 and The Magnificent Seven screenwriter Richard Wenk to write a draft of Kraven the Hunter. If this is true, its closeness to the release of Venom and the development of Silver & Black shows confidence from the studio in establishing its Spidey-verse outside of the MCU. However, without a Spider-Man to pursue (the webslinger’s shared rights look to be tied more to the MCU these days), who will the big game hunter Kraven set his sights on?

It’ll be a case of another origin story, if the film is in fact happening, because audiences will need to be introduced to the villain while the movie simultaneously justifies its existence outside of the more mainstream comic heroes’ stories.

Wenk does hardcore action cinema, writing stories full of violence and roguish types. Does this mean that Kraven’s getting the R-rated treatment? It’s likely to depend on the success of Venom, which will seek a dark tone without the silliness of the smash hit Deadpool or the poignancy of the well-loved Logan. What Kraven the Hunter becomes depends on a lot, but if this rumor is true, it’ll be starting its evolution soon.