Rumor of the Day: Legion of Superheroes film in 'serious development' at DC

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Dec 21, 2018, 9:00 PM EST (Updated)

Considering that Marvel’s longshot space adventure Guardians of the Galaxy blew up the box office, many have wondered if and how DC would counter with its own property. Now, we might have our answer.

Bleeding Cool is reporting that Warner Bros. has a film project based on Legion of Superheroes in “serious development” that would be a more light-hearted, space-bound adventure in the vein of Guardians. If true, this would mark the first sign that DC is diversifying outside of the super-dark Zack Snyder vision for Batman v Superman.

The comic version has seen more than a few different team members and interpretations, so no word on exactly what the studio is eyeing. All we really know is, they’re apparently envisioning it as having an “Avengers-meets-Guardians” kind of vibe. That’s probably a smart direction, again, considering Guardians’ success.

The report notes that the project apparently hasn’t been greenlit yet, since the studio is still shopping around for the right approach (in regard to the story and characters). So, is it true? Certainly possible, considering that this report follows up on a previous one from several months ago at Latino Review — and it stands to reason DC would want to stake out its own property in this burgeoning corner of the comic-book genre.

What do you think? Is a Legion of Superheroes film a good idea?

(Via Bleeding Cool)