Rumor of the Day: Marvel Comics resetting back to 'status quo' later this year

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Feb 7, 2017, 8:30 AM EST

The current landscape of Marvel Comics is a remarkably different place than it was just a couple of years ago. But, rumor has it, what's old is about to be new again.

Bleeding Cool reports some inside sources who attended Marvel's recent creative summit claim the company will be resetting a lot of their characters and stories back to a more traditional look (i.e. what you'll find in the movies). It's being touted as a "meat and potatoes" approach aimed at bringing back more of a "status quo" for heavy hitters like Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, etc.

At the moment, the flagship players in the Marvel universe are not the typical heroes. Tony Stark is benched, so Riri Williams and Doctor Doom have taken up his mantle. Thor is fighting to be worthy once again, and Jane Foster has been holding his hammer in the meantime. Steve Rogers is already back in action (though secretly a Hydra agent), but Sam Wilson is still carrying the shield. Bruce Banner is dead, so She-Hulk is leading the mainline Hulk title.

A lot of Marvel's stories have also been more openly political than in the past (politics have always been a part of the Marvel world, but more so the past few years), and it sounds like they'll also be dialing that back to some degree in future arcs. If anything, it seems Marvel wants to follow in DC's footsteps (DC’s recent Rebirth event has proven to be a major success) by resetting the board a bit.

What do you make of the report? Would you like to see Marvel go back to its roots, or do you like the new-look Marvel universe?

(via Bleeding Cool)