Rumor of the day: Mary Jane being recast for Amazing Spidey 3

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Jun 19, 2013, 7:39 PM EDT

It sounds like the weird saga surrounding Mary Jane Watson in Amazing Spider-Man 2 just got a little weirder.

First, we heard that director Marc Webb had decided to chop out the already-filmed scenes featuring Shailene Woodley’s version of Mary Jane Watson. Now, it sounds like the role might be recast completely — meaning we’ll meet an entirely new version of MJ in part three (or perhaps that fourth installment that was just announced).

Woodley is a hot commodity these days, and The Wrap is reporting that her commitment to the upcoming sci-fi franchise Divergent could keep her too busy to participate in the upcoming Spider-Man sequels.

Considering all we’ve actually seen of Woodley in the role are some scattered set pics and clips, it’s hard to say if this is a good or bad move. Woodley is definitely a talented, lovely young actress — and it would’ve been interesting to at least see how she might’ve interpreted the character.

Now, it seems we might never know. So, who are you pulling for to be the next Mary Jane?

(Via The Wrap)