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Rumor of the Day: Matt Damon passed on playing the villain in Spider-Man: Homecoming sequel

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Nov 11, 2019, 1:51 PM EST (Updated)

Matt Damon may have enjoyed his brief stint in the MCU, appearing (as himself, possibly) in a memorable scene in Thor: Ragnarok — but it's possible he might not want to take that fun to the next level. 

There is talk today that Damon was supposedly offered the role of the main villain in the upcoming sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming, and that he has turned it down. The chatter comes courtesy from Jeff Sneider and the Meet the Movie Press podcast, where Sneider claims that Damon was being eyed for the still-unknown antagonist, but that Sneider was "told he passed." 

Even if this news is true, it's hard to judge whether or not Damon would have been a good fit — as we said, we still don't know who the character is. The sequel will pick up directly after Avengers 4, and it may not be based solely in New York — Peter Parker could be going global, and it is believed that this villain will be the reason why. Norman Osborn could theoretically fit that bill, as could Doc Ock. While we can kind of see Damon in either role if we squint really hard, neither seems like a perfect fit. 

While Snieder said that appearing in the film would benefit Damon, his co-host Simon Thompson was of the opinion that it would not benefit the film itself. According to him, the chances of Damon overshadowing the proceedings would be too high. 

All of this is just rumor and conjecture at this point, so break out the salt and get shaking. Still, who knows what could happen — Michael Keaton originally turned down his role as Vulture, and that worked itself out just fine.

Do you think that this is all much a-damon about nothing, or do you really want to see Jason Bourne in the MCU? If so, what role should he play? Shoot some webs in the comments and let us know!