Rumor of the Day: Opening scene for Star Wars: The Force Awakens revealed?

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Dec 17, 2018, 5:00 PM EST (Updated)

Information continues to leak out in regard to what we might see in J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and now we might have a clearer picture how the long-awaited sequel begins.

Potential spoilers ahead for Star Wars: The Force Awakens!

The folks at Making Star Wars have been rolling out tons of reports surrounding the production, though we’ll have to wait until we get a lot closer to release before we know exactly how much they’ve gotten right. Their latest report focuses on the opening scenes of the film, and it seems to follow up on visuals and ideas that have at least been floated in other places.

Long story short: We open with a local farmer finding a lightsaber that falls from space, which leads the local village elder to contact Rebel leaders to come and retrieve it. The Rebellion sends Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac) to the planet, but unfortunately the Empire shows up. From there, Dameron teams up with a rogue stormtrooper (John Boyega’s Finn) to steal a TIE Fighter and escape.

Here’s the full excerpt of their report:

The film does open with a lightsaber in space. It falls to the ground in a savannah environment during the day. It is quickly discovered by a farmer named Naka. Naka accidentally ignites the weapon and starts a fire with it. At first he runs, but then turns around and obtains the weapon. I assume he snatches the weapon so it is not destroyed in the fire.  Naka then takes the weapon to his elder called The Vicar.

The Vicar is most likely played by Max von Sydow. It is most likely a code name too. Chances are they didn’t need to name the character during filming so they just went with the title The Vicar which means leader or superior. Anyways, the Vicar appears to contact the Rebels and this brings Poe Dameron to the planet.

Later that night, Poe Dameron arrives and retrieves the lightsaber from The Vicar. The only problem? They’ve brought the Empire there as well (not sure if the Empire followed Poe or intercepted the initially transmission he received). Poe sees Stormtroopers are coming and he places the laser sword safely in a little droid: BB-8. The droid flees and the heroic Poe Dameron prepares to fight!

Concurrently, a young Stormtrooper named Finn enters a situation that will drastically change his life forever. When his best friend dies in battle and he allows a few innocent villagers to escape, Kylo Ren orders him arrested and the village burned to the ground. Because Finn just isn’t naturally evil enough, he finds himself in the brig of a Star Destroyer with a Rebel pilot. Finn never learned to fly. Finn has the knowledge how to get out of the brig and Poe is their best chance to fly out of there. They hatch a plan to steal a TIE Fighter and make a run for it.

It makes as much sense as anything, we suppose, and this would at least provide a nice action set piece to introduce us to the new characters who will apparently be sticking around for the brunt of the revitalized trilogy. 

What do you think? Would you like to see this scene kick off the new generation of Star Wars?

(Via Making Star Wars)