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Rumor of the Day: Sonic the Hedgehog and Paul Rudd might be buddy cops

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May 30, 2018, 6:54 PM EDT (Updated)

A Sonic the Hedgehog film has been in the works for what seems like an eternity -- and that seems even longer when you compare it to how quickly everything in the Sonic world goes.

The latest news we heard about the preproduction of the video game adaptation came back in October. Paramount picked up the rights to the film, kept Deadpool director Tim Miller and I Am Legend producer Neal H. Moritz on board as producers (the pair have been developing the project for years, first at Sony Pictures), and set Jeff Fowler (a Where the Wild Things Are animation researcher) up to make his directorial debut. But now a star is in the mix, if rumors are to be believed.

That Hashtag Show is reporting that they’ve learned Paul Rudd is “being eyed” for the lead role of Tom, who is a cop that Sonic teams up with and befriends, possibly to fight off mad scientist Dr. Robotnik. As of yet there are no rumors about who’s going to voice the speedy hedgehog.

That all sounds a little similar to what Legendary is doing with the Detective Pikachu movie, where a Ryan Reynolds-voiced Pikachu meets up with Ken Watanabe’s human detective. Buddy cops and video games go hand in hand, apparently.

While we're still in rumor territory with Sonic, it sounds like there’s gonna be a crime and a cop -- and possibly a friendship. Though maybe not with Rudd. Paramount told SYFY WIRE that this rumor was incorrect, so be on the lookout for more legit news of the adaptation in the future. The untitled Sonic the Hedgehog film is currently scheduled for a Nov. 15, 2019, release. Who do you think should voice the titular hedgehog?

This story has been updated with Paramount's response.

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