Rumor of the day: Sony trying to lock in Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man until 2020

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May 21, 2014, 1:25 PM EDT

Andrew Garfield is currently locked in for Amazing Spider-Man 3, but after that he could cut the web-slinger loose. But, it sounds like Sony might be ready to back up the money truck to keep him around through the rest of the decade for at least a couple more sequels.

The Daily Star is reporting a top level source at Sony and Columbia Pictures has stated Garfield is signed on for Spider-Man projects in 2015 and 2016 (a true sequel and perhaps one of those Venom or Sinister Six spin-offs?), but they want to keep him around even longer.

Here’s an excerpt of what the source allegedly told them:

“[W]e are looking to tie him to the role for as many as a further four pictures given the huge success the franchise is enjoying. The part is pretty much his for as long as he chooses.”

According to the report, a big part of the proposal would offer Garfield a lucrative profit-sharing agreement to keep wearing the red and blue all the way until 2020. The deal could potentially pay Garfield tens of millions of dollars over the next few years.

Though Amazing Spider-Man 2 dropped off pretty quick after its opening weekend blitz, the sequel has still brought in $634 million worldwide to date, which ain’t chump change. The majority of that haul — more than 70 percent — has come from markets outside the U.S., so it looks like the studio is banking on future sequels to thrive as an international franchise.

Garfield has previously said he’s looking to take on new challenges after he wraps up his run as Peter Parker in the next few years, but money talks. Robert Downey, Jr. was also on the verge of hanging up his Iron Man armor, until Marvel sent a Brinks truck over to his house and signed him up for a couple more Avengers films.

But the big question: Do you want Garfield to stay on as Peter Parker for another six years?

(Via The Daily Star)