Rumor of the Day: Star Trek 3 is looking for a 'Bryan Cranston-like' villain (+ Bones' ex-wife)

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Dec 21, 2018, 11:00 PM EST (Updated)

We don’t know much yet about Star Trek 3 — besides the fact that it’ll now be co-written by Star Trek’s very own Scotty, actor Simon Pegg — but there’s a rumor floating around about what sort of villain they’re apparently looking for.

Film Divider is reporting (and this is still strictly in the rumor phase, so have your grains of salt handy) that the major villain role will be a man, and that they want him to be “Bryan Cranston-like.” They also claim that the Breaking Bad actor has spoken to the studio (that would be Paramount) about taking up the role, but no word on whether he’s said yes. Nothing is known about Star Trek 3’s hypothetical Big Bad and whether he’ll be someone completely new or plucked from a long long-list of established Trek characters.

The site also claims that there will be three major female roles to be filled: one a Federation starship captain who is being set up as being Capt. Kirk’s (Chris Pine) match, and a second the president of the United Federation of Planets. The third one is apparently Bones’ (Karl Urban) ex-wife. Again, there’s no word whether our good doctor’s former squeeze will be Pamela Branch, or Jocelyn Treadaway. She could also simply be a brand-new character. But this could mean Bones will have a bit more to do than simply standing around saying: "Damn it, man, I'm a doctor, not a [insert whatever you want here]."

The site doesn’t exactly say where they got the info from, nor exactly reference any source ... anonymous or otherwise, so just remember to take this as a RUMOR, even if it's a fascinating one. 

What do you guys think? If this rumor turns out to be true, do you think it’s a step in the right direction?

Directed by Justin Lin, Star Trek 3 will beam into theaters in 2016.

(via Film Divider)