Rumor of the Day: The first new creature details for Star Wars: Episode VIII

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Dec 18, 2018, 1:00 AM EST (Updated)

A new rumor flapping around the internet indicates that there are new avian creatures to be revealed in Luke's neighborhood when Rian Johnson''s Star Wars: Episode VIII arrives in December of next year. According to a report registered by Making Star Wars, Jedi Master Luke Skywalker has made peace with these flightless protectors of Ahch-To and has befriended the small, puffin-like birds who act as custodians of the island, similar to the actual puffins who call the real-life filming location at Skellig Michael home.  They have apparently granted him permission to reside in their domain, but no one else.

The article states that the alien creatures have "razor sharp teeth and are a mixture of the terrifying and the adorable. They’re sort of like a bird mixed with a Gremlin. Someone once said it was like the Star Wars version of a Furby, but the look and feel is so Star Wars they loved it. Basically combine a puffin, a Furby, and Star Wars it up and you have yourself an idea of what this creature is. They’re tiny – maybe 15 inches tall or so."  

It seems that this source has intimate knowledge of the SFX puppets used to film these sequences during Rey's extended stay on the island, where she has some less friendly creatures to deal with, as detailed by the revealing announcement:

"Rey has a sequence on Ahch-To where she fights a rather large sea monster (we have also heard she wears a black cloak during this sequence over the costume we described before). It has been suggested but not confirmed that Rey’s besting of the sea monster grants her permission to be at the sacred location by the 'puffins.' However, the sequences could be totally unrelated."

Whether or not these rumors are true, who knows. We'll have to wait until some official synopsis, stills and teasers are released, but it seems like it could carry a strong thread of truth, as it contains just enough credible evidence to support the speculation. What do you think of these Furbies with teeth and sea monsters in Star Wars VIII, and is it possible these spoilery details are true?

(Via Geek Tyrant)