Rumor of the day: New Ghostbusters animated movie could be from a ghost's perspective

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Oct 4, 2017, 8:58 AM EDT

After Columbia Pictures officially ruined the childhoods of ‘80s and ‘90s kids everywhere by unsuccessfully raising The Real Ghostbusters from the dead last year, there have been echoes of a rumor that Sony is going to try and reanimate the animated series on TV and film—from a non-corporeal point of view.

While what will happen with the TV series is still in the dark, the rumors swirling around at That Hashtag Show whisper of the film (directed by Fletcher Moules) being seen through the perspective of one of the phantoms that keep getting zapped with proton beams and shut in the trap. Ghostbusters hasn’t been seen from a ghostly point of view before, but there have been some eerie happenings that came close.

Egon Spengler accidentally zaps himself with one of his own contraptions while busting a demon in the episode Egon’s Ghost from Season 2 of The Real Ghostbusters. Demons will do things like turning your Destabilizer beam on you. The closest anyone has gotten to telling a Ghostbusters story from beyond the grave is Spengler, whose molecular structure was destabilized, turning him into a wraith.

Speculation and proton packs have now been activated. If the adventures of the Ghostbusters were to be watched by a ghost, would the entity following them around be bitter? Curious? Amused? If you can remember all the screams and flails of the ghosts who got busted on the show, it’s easy to imagine the frustration of constantly getting zapped by things meant to disintegrate you, even if you don’t actually disintegrate. Then there’s the possibility of resurrecting at least one element of the movie that never happened. If a third live-action Ghostbusters film had ever picked up where Ghostbusters 2 left off, Peter Venkman would have likely been both dead and ghost-ified. It’s unlikely that Sony is looking to exhume that last idea, but it could make for some interesting fan theories.

Even with the new animated film being haunted by this rumor, so much as a ghost of what will be happening with it hasn’t been busted on the internet.

(via Bloody-Disgusting)

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