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Rumor of the Day: Was George Lucas' lunch date a Star Wars casting clue?

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Sep 30, 2013

George Lucas and Kathleen Kennedy reportedly had lunch the other day. What could be interesting is who they had lunch with.

According to a tweet posted by Latino Review, Lucas and Kennedy -- the appointed successor to old George as head of Lucasfilm -- were spotted having an afternoon meal at a place called Bistro in San Rafael, Calif., last Thursday (Sept. 26).

But there was also a third party allegedly at the table with them, and his name was Daniel Day-Lewis. 

That's Daniel Day-Lewis as in "three-time Oscar winner Daniel Day-Lewis," the incredibly gifted actor who has given towering performances in movies like Lincoln, There Will Be Blood and My Left Foot.

So why were these three lunching together? From what we've heard, Day-Lewis is not a casual "let's do lunch" kind of guy, and in fact tends to shy away from the Hollywood scene (he only makes a movie every two or three years these days). We can't imagine Lucas and Kennedy just going out for lunch either with an actor of Day-Lewis' caliber and prestige if all they wanted to talk about was their kids and the weather.

No, if we were betting people, we'd guess that perhaps Lucas and Kennedy -- the two heavyweights in the Star Wars universe aside from director J.J. Abrams -- wanted to talk with Day-Lewis about perhaps taking a role in Episode VII or even the entire new trilogy.

Day-Lewis would instantly bring the kind of gravitas and acting pedigree that Lucas was probably seeking when he cast Liam Neeson in The Phantom Menace -- except that even Neeson, as fine a thespian as he is, didn't have three Academy Awards for Best Actor on his shelf.

We'll keep all this squarely in the "rumor" category for now, but what do you think? Was this just three pals getting together for a quick bite, or is the Lucasfilm brain trust trying to woo one of the most acclaimed actors of his generation to a galaxy far, far away?

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