Rumor control: No, Walt Disney World isn't planning a Lost attraction

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Dec 14, 2012, 3:54 PM EST

If you were hankering to join Jack, Kate and Sawyer on Walt Disney World's new Lost-themed attraction, sorry to disappoint you, but it's all a hoax.

The report on the Disney's Folly Web site was posted by a joker named Jason, who 'fessed up to his prank on this message board.

"It wouldnt' take much digging to find that my intro to this blog (kicked off a few weeks ago) describes Folly and Faux as a sort of playful April Fool's stab at Disney-related wishes. Disney fans are always tossing around rumors and ideas for the old Discovery Island, and Lost constantly comes up. So I knew with my exhaustive fandom, I could cook something up. I shouldn't have underestimated the viral power of the Internet."


Here's a piece of the original post:

Walt Disney Parks and Resorts has announced extensive plans to convert the old Discovery Island in Bay Lake to a new Lost-themed attraction. Lost Island is set to receive guests by the Summer of 2011, a year after the show concludes its six-year run on ABC. ...

The immersive experience will bring guests to the islands in disparate ways, providing two distinct experiences per each trip to the island. The attraction is also unique as the exploration of the island in its entirety forms one complete experience; however, each area of the island works as an individual attraction.

"We have this great experience for the Swan station, which guests get to tour as if they were the survivors first discovering the infamous 'hatch'. But suddenly things go wrong and this station tour becomes a ride! It's an extension of the Imagineering used in rides such as The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror and Star Tours taken to the next level!", explained [Celandine Coda, vice chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts].

Celandine Coda is an anagram for "Oceanic Landed," FWIW.

Someone seriously needs a real job.