Rumor control: Two Independence Day sequels locked??

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

There's a tantalizing rumor out there that Fox is ready to go forward with not one, but two sequels to 1996's megahit sci-fi movie Independence Day, with star Will Smith locked for both.

That's the report on

IESB has received a tip that Will Smith is now locked for not only Independence Day 2, but also a third installment. The plan would be to shoot both films back-to-back. Whether the studio opts to go the Matrix route and release the two films six months apart or do like the Pirates of the Caribbean sequels and split them by a year remains to be seen. According to our sources, if all goes according to plan, the sequel(s) could shoot as early as 2011.

The site said that the main roadblock has been the cost of signing Smith again, not to mention reteaming him with director Roland Emmerich.

Emmerich (2012) will next direct Anonymous, a movie about William Shakespeare. No, really.

This is unconfirmed, so stay tuned ...

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