Rumor of the Day: And the OTHER Avengers movie villain is ...

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Dec 14, 2012

If you ever needed more proof that the Avengers movie is kind of a big deal, you need only look at the sheer volume of rumors and news surrounding a film that's still a year out. Well, you can add one massive new one to the pile, and it's a doozy. Potential *spoilers* await you!

In addition to Loki, a cosmic cube, and some pesky Skrulls, there's one more intergalactic force of evil who might be headed the Avengers' way: Thanos. Who is Thanos? We're glad you asked!

Thanos is an Eternal from Saturn's moon Titan. He's basically immortal, super strong and capable of obliterating entire worlds, and he can travel in time and through alternate worlds. Have we mentioned that he's obsessed with Death? Yeah, he's quite the charmer.

The hints have been out there, most notably that his Infinity Gauntlet appeared in Odin's Vault in Thor. The two big questions (other than the obvious "Is this for real?") are—How do you fit such a massive character in a film already overflowing with massive characters? And who in the world would you get to play him?

We're not sure, but the wait until next May just got a whole lot longer. What do you think?

(Via Latino Review)

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