Rumor of the Day: Captain Kirk to suit up as the new Robocop

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Dec 15, 2012

We've been hearing rumors for years that RoboCop was being remade, but they've yet to find an actor to play the hero—or have they? Because word on the street is that RoboCop might get a makeover with some help from Star Trek's Chris Pine.

MGM (the studio behind RoboCop) have Chris Pine at the top of their casting list. They want him to be the new face of the franchise. Guess they figure that since he did it for Star Trek, he can do it for them, too!

Jose Padilha is directing the remake, but he hasn't confirmed or denied Pine's involvement, which means it's too early to tell. The studio hasn't officially offered Pine the part, so this is all speculation. We don't know what's going on behind closed doors.

If Pine were hired to play RoboCop, it would be a complete 180 from the original, which featured Peter Weller in the role. Let's be honest—Pine is a decade younger than Weller was when he played the part, and he's 10 times prettier. (That's right, prettier!)

Something tells us Paul Verhoeven wasn't targeting the female audience when he made the first movie in '87. But it looks like the remake might be leaning toward the ladies.

What do you think of Pine possibly playing RoboCop? Could you take him seriously in the role?

(via twitchfilm)