Rumor of the day: Doctor Who getting married? And look who's back!

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Dec 15, 2012

After bringing you the emotional prequel yesterday to Doctor Who's upcoming next episode "Let's Get Hitler," we now have two pieces of stunning news to share with you. While one's more of a rumor, the other one is confirmed, so be warned: *spoilers*!

First things first.

According to The Daily Star, everyone's favorite Time Lord, the Doctor (Matt Smith), will apparently get married at the end of season six of Doctor Who, in the last episode, set to air on Oct. 1.

This is what they report:

Word has leaked that the Time Lord (Matt Smith, 28) is getting hitched in the show.

The hot name in the frame is River Song (Alex Kingston, 48).

They also add:

The final two shows are ''Closing Time'', in which the Doc is reunited with lodger James Corden and battles the Cybermen, and ''The Wedding'' - a marriage, and a farewell to Amy and Rory.

So can we believe this news? Coming from the Daily Star, who knows! But The Brilliant Book of Doctor Who did tease that the Doctor would get married twice this season and, so far he's only been hitched once—to Marilyn Monroe, no less, in ''A Christmas Carol.'' (Not too shabby, Doctor!)

So it is possible the Doctor will get married again, but do take this with a pinch of salt.

The second, more ''official'' news comes from Doctor Who TV, who attended the press screening for ''Let's Kill Hitler'' last night. And guess what they saw in a new preview trailer for the rest of the episodes?

***spoiler alert, remember?***

Ready for it?

They saw a Dalek.

Yup, seems everyone's favorite pepper pots from outer space are back in action again, meaning that Steven Moffat lied about the fact there wouldn't be any Daleks this season. "It's almost like I lie sometimes!" Moffat apparently joked to Doctor Who Magazine.

However, the site thinks that it could be a cameo or an hallucination the Doctor has, a theory with which we tend to agree.

But what do you think of this news?

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