Rumor of the Day: Edward Cullen picked a fight with Thor

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Dec 15, 2012

There aren't a lot of movie stars who can boast the kind of brawn that Thor star Chris Hemsworth is packing. He's a big dude, definitely the kind of guy you'd think twice about messing with. But rumor has it that's just what Twilight sparkler Robert Pattinson did.

According to a story in the latest issue of the tabloid Now, Pattinson was visiting the set of girlfriend Kristen Stewart's new flick Snow White and the Huntsman—which also stars Hemsworth—when he decided to mock the God of Thunder.

Now magazine's source says that while visiting the set of Snow White and the Huntsman, Pattinson "started mocking the Thor star's Aussie accent," and next thing, "They had to be pulled apart."

Now claims "Kristen isn't happy" after her man and Hemsworth had "a fight."

A source in the production has since called the story "complete nonsense." Let's hope so, for Pattinson's sake. It's bad enough that he allegedly mocked an Australian guy for being Australian, but of all the action stars you could ever pick a fight with, why in the name of Odin would you choose Hemsworth?

It's probably just a rumor, but we'll still keep our eyes peeled for a story documenting Pattinson's gruesome death by Mjolnir.

(Gossip Cop via Comic Book Movie)

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