Rumor of the Day: Game of Thrones casts a Doctor Who

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Dec 14, 2012

With filming soon to start on Game of Thrones' second season (which should be right after Comic-Con), casting news and rumors are starting to surface. And the most interesting rumor concerns the casting of a former Time Lord.

According to Den of Geek, the former 9th Doctor himself, actor Christopher Eccleston, is rumored to be currently lined up for a role in the second season of HBO's hit drama/fantasy series.

So what role could Chris Eccleston play IF (capital I, capital F) the rumors pan out to be true?

The 47-year-old actor could be up for the role of Stannis Baratheon—Robert Baratheon's brother and, according to Lord Eddard Stark, the rightful heir to the Iron Throne and the Seven Kingdoms.

The character of Stannis Baratheon was often heard mentioned during the series' first season but never made an appearance—just as in George R.R. Martin's book series A Song of Ice and Fire. Stannis first appeared in the second book, A Clash of Kings.

The other role Eccleston is also likely to be up for could be that of Balon Greyjoy—Theon Greyjoy's father and the Lord of the Iron Islands who will proclaim himself king.

Talking of Doctor Who, also rumored for a role is actor Tony Curran (Underworld: Evolution), who'd given a moving performance as Vincent van Gogh in last year's Doctor Who episode "Vincent and the Doctor." No word as to who Curran would play if cast.

In confirmed casting news, however, former The Tudors actress Natalie Dormer (Anne Boleyn) has nabbed the role of Margaery Tyrell.

According to EW's Inside TV website:

Dormer will play Margaery Tyrell, a (minor spoiler alert) beautiful and shrewd young woman from the influential House Tyrell. She's pledged to marry the late King Robert's brother, Renly Baratheon, as part of House Tyrell's support for his bid to seize the Iron Throne from King Joffrey.

What do you think of the casting rumors that involve the former Doctor himself, Christopher Eccleston, and former one-time Doctor Who guest star Tony Curran? Which roles do you think they'd be right for—if cast? And what do you think of the casting of Natalie Dormer?