Rumor of the Day: Wolverine to cameo in X-Men: First Class

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Dec 14, 2012

Everybody likes a good casting rumor, and this morning we have one that, if true, would be really, really cool. Because according to a cabbie (and you can always trust a cabbie, right?), Hugh Jackman just shot a cameo appearance for X-Men: First Class as everyone's favorite hairy mutant, Wolverine.

The story comes from Comic Book Movies, which reports that a taxi driver from Georgia wrote the following on his Facebook Page:

I drove Hugh Jackman from X-Men To the Airport this morning. They are filming on Jekyll...Cool guy!

Now, X-Men: First Class was apparently filming on Jekyll Island over the weekend, and it would be a strange coincidence for Jackman to have been there at the same time. Sure, the guy could have come over to "visit," but how believable is that?

The likeliest (and preferred) scenario would be that Jackman came to film a cameo appearance by Wolverine. After all, the young X-Men did make their own appearance toward the end of the first Wolverine movie, so it's entirely plausible Matthew Vaughn and Fox wish to link the two franchises together again. As well, that would mean that Wolverine has appeared in every one of Fox's X-Men films as of now.

Since Wolverine's basically over 160 years old (give or take), his physical appearance in the film would be exactly the same as it was in the first X-Men film and in the Wolverine movie, so there's no problem in having Jackman do the cameo as is.

What do you make of this rumor? Do you want to see Jackman's Wolverine in the new X-Men movie?

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