Rumor of the day: Hugh Jackman to take Fantastic Voyage?

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:51 PM EST

With a new Wolverine movie not happening anytime soon, Hugh Jackman is reportedly looking inward for his next big sci-fi spectacular.

According to Deadline, Jackman is the first choice of director Shawn Levy to star in Fantastic Voyage, a big-budget 3-D remake of the 1966 film that followed a miniaturized team of doctors into the body of a scientist as they travel in a tiny ship through his bloodstream to repair a clot in his brain. Levy, picked to direct the film by producer James Cameron and studio 20th Century Fox, just finished working with Jackman on this fall's boxing-robots flick, Real Steel, on which the pair supposedly got along famously.

The original film starred Stephen Boyd, Donald Pleasence and Raquel Welch and was based on a story by Otto Klement and Jerome Bixby. Although science fiction legend Isaac Asimov wrote the movie's novelization, he had nothing to do with the conception of the tale himself (he did, however, reportedly make changes to the storyline to fix some holes in the plot and science).

Jackman is looking for work—as much as a star of his stature has to "look for work"—because of delays on The Wolverine. With director Darren Aronofsky dropping out and the Japan-set movie facing problems shooting there as a result of the recent earthquake and tsunami, The Wolverine needs a rethink. But since that is also a Fox property, casting Jackman in Fantastic Voyage is seen as one way to keep him hanging around the studio until The Wolverine is ready to go again.

Levy is best known for fare like Night at the Museum and Date Night, but Real Steel—based loosely on a Richard Matheson story—is his first step into the realm of science fiction. If it turns out well, it could make him look like a smart choice for Fantastic Voyage.

The original film is enjoyable enough, but it has not aged all that well and is the rare sci-fi movie that could benefit from a remake with today's advanced visual effects. What do you think?