Rumor of the day: We're gonna be getting more Stargate

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Dec 17, 2012

When Stargate Universe was canceled a few seasons ago, it marked the end of a beloved franchise that had been on the air in some form or another for well over a decade. Now rumor has it that Stargate may not be as dead as we thought.

Gateworld is reporting a rumor that something is in the works to revive the show, though the medium and details are still a little fuzzy.

The source is somewhat sketchy, an independent producer named Darren Thomas with game developer Ordino Studios, but according to him MGM is planning to bring the franchise off of life support, likely as a videogame of some kind.

Here's the announcement recap, via the official Stargate SG-1 Facebook page:

Wow, what a day! Tonight the Stargate Convention in Vancouver, is buzzing with excitement about an earlier announcement made by independent producer, Darren Thomas. Fans were treated to previously unreleased news about MGM's collaboration on a new SG-1 App designed for smart phones and tablets. The scoop from Thomas is that MGM is reviving SG-1 albeit in a new format -- music to the ears of many fans around the world. Thomas didn't want to divulge more, but he did say that "plans are underway and I wish I could tell you more. The good news is that we will be unveiling something big at this year's Comic-Con in San Diego." [Set for mid-July]. But in the meantime stay tuned for more information right here on the SG-1 official MGM page.

Though anything is possible, the smart money is on a videogame—and it wouldn't be the first attempt to bring Stargate to consoles and PCs.

Previous, stalled efforts have included everything from the MMO Stargate Worlds, to the first-person shooter Stargate SG-1: The Alliance, both of which hit development stalls and have yet to see the light of day. The closest we've gotten to a real game was the online-only mini-FPS Stargate: Resistance, which has since been pulled offline.

To put this all into context: Sure, a potential videogame would be great, but what this really shows is that MGM hasn't given up on the franchise. If whatever they do next is successful, that puts fans one step closer to (hopefully, eventually) getting Stargate back on the air in some form or fashion.

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(Via Gateworld)