Rumor of the Day: Is this Iron Man 3's post-credits cameo hero?

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Dec 17, 2012

With production on Iron Man 3 officially underway, we're all wondering just where the official start to Phase 2 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will take us. What new heroes and villains will we meet? What new setups might we see? Well, according to one theory, we'll run into at least one comic book Avenger in the flick's traditional post-credits teaser.

This theory spins out of some information dropped by The Playlist writer Gabe Toro during that site's recent podcast. Toro's apparently heard a lot of whispers surrounding the Marvel Movie Universe, but one in particular really stood out.

A while back, Chinese actor Andy Lau was reportedly cast in an unnamed Iron Man 3 role. Lau eventually dropped out of the project, but the rumor is the role he was playing was Chen Lu, aka Radioactive Man. Originally a villain in the Marvel Universe, he's since taken on some heroic duties, and apparently the good version of him would have been the one we'd see on screen.

There's no word on whether that role has been recast, but here's where that could tie in to the possible introduction of another Avenger in the Marvel Movie Universe. In the comics, Radioactive Man has had frequent tussles with Ant-Man, who defeated him and sent him packing back to China. But then, during Marvel's Civil War event a few years back, the two teamed up to help build a prison for unruly superhumans. Screenrant's Rob Keyes thinks that means we could be seeing an Ant-Man cameo for Iron Man 3, and here's why:

Remember a few weeks back when Edgar Wright teased us a bit with the potential kickoff of an Ant-Man movie? Wright's gone on record as saying he hopes to "shoot some Ant-Man" this year. And given that we know Joss Whedon stepped in to direct Thor's post-credits sequence as a setup for The Avengers, it wouldn't be too big of a leap to think that perhaps Wright is stepping in to do the Iron Man 3 post-credits scene to set up his Ant-Man movie.

OK, so it's a bit of a leap, given that we don't know for sure if Radioactive Man will appear in the flick, but the evidence for Ant-Man's Marvel movie debut just keeps mounting. What do you think? Is he about to crash Tony Stark's party?

(Via Screenrant)