Rumor of the Day: Studio seeking writers for Man of Steel sequel

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Kevin Coll
Dec 15, 2012

Warner Bros. hasn't even wrapped production on Man of Steel yet, but that isn't keeping it from starting work on the sequel. Studio executives are reportedly so happy with the results that they've put together a list of writers to tackle a sequel.

That list, according to Think McFly Think, includes Steve Kloves (Harry Potter films/The Amazing Spider-Man), Travis Beacham (Clash of the Titans/Pacific Rim) and Lawrence Kasdan (Empire Strikes Back/Paradise Lost).

That's a pretty hardcore group of writers with some great properties and adaptations under their belts. Steve Kloves is currently adapting The Stand for Warner Bros. but would make a great choice in tackling all the necessary themes, motifs and character arcs needed for a second successful Superman story.

Christopher Nolan and David S. Goyer wrote the first film's script, which is one of many reasons why there's a lot of pressure on it to succeed. Though the assembled cast is great, all eyes will be on the star, Henry Cavill, and whether he can woo over audiences as Clark Kent/Superman.

Zack Snyder's film Man of Steel will hit theaters June 14, 2013, and will not end production until early next year, after which it will undergo another year's worth of post-production effects work and marketing. As far as moving ahead with a sequel so soon, this isn't new for Hollywood—Warner Bros. announced and began work on a Green Lantern 2 before the first film landed in theaters.

If true, it's a smart move by the studio to start work on a story for a second film so they'll be ready to rush out a sequel in case the first one blows the doors off the box office.

Do any of these writers catch your fancy? Who else would be good tackling a Superman sequel?

(via /Film)

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