Rumor of the Day: Marvel's Black Panther already has a release date

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Dec 17, 2012

We know that sequels to Thor, Captain America and Iron Man 2 are on the way from Marvel, but it's got at least two other films in the pipeline that it's not willing to tell us about yet. Now, word is that one of those films will star Marvel's legendary African superhero. Is Black Panther headed to theaters in 2014?

News that the King of Wakanda might be the next solo Marvel hero up to bat at the movies is still only in the rumor stage at this point, but there is evidence to support it. Last year, Marvel hired screenwriter Mark Bailey to put a script together, and hints of Black Panther's existence have appeared in the Marvel flicks already in the form of a map that features Wakanda in Iron Man 2.

And then there's this very self-assured post from the always-rumor-heavy Latino Review, which claims:

"Hell yes folks... THE BLACK PANTHER is going to headline his own film! How do I know? Let's say I got it from FOUR different trusted sources."

We don't know who these "trusted sources" are, but that certainly seems like a lot of confidence, and with the flick already in some stage of development it's not that big of a stretch to imagine that T'Challa could be making his way to our screens in two years.

We've been wondering what Marvel's got planned for its two open release slots in 2014 for quite some time now. While one seems very likely to be The Avengers 2 at this point, the other remains open for discussion. Rumors have ranged from Luke Cage to Doctor Strange to Guardians of the Galaxy, and now it seems Black Panther is at the forefront of that particular area of speculation.

So, what do you think? Should Black Panther be Marvel's next big-screen solo hero?

(Via Bleeding Cool)

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