Rumor of the Day: That Tron Legacy sequel? It's coming!

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Dec 14, 2012

In what could turn out to be really exciting news for Tron fans, it appears that another sequel may very well be on the way: so hang on tight to your light cycles and cross your fingers (or toes)!

A few weeks ago we probably wouldn't have thought it possible that Tron: Legacy was going to get a sequel (despite the previously announced Tron: Uprising TV series coming our way), but that's what Ain't it Cool's guru Harry Knowles is reporting.

While most critics dissed Tron: Legacy (Rotten Tomatoes gives it a 49 percent rating), moviegoers actually liked the film. In fact, it made a whole bunch of money overseas (the film is approaching the $300 million mark worldwide, not a bad feat), showing that there is an audience — made up primarily of science fiction geeks the world over — for it.

Toy and merchandise sales (including Tron light cycles, action figures and more) and the killer Tron: Legacy soundtrack by Daft Punk have certainly helped the Tron brand.

According to Harry Knowles, it seems that "Disney is beginning to realize, TRON could be a franchise."

Knowles also adds:

Now the real question is... Where does TRON go from here? There is a plan, but it is being closely guarded. There's a TV show in the works to keep the brand popping till the next Theatrical run, but it looks like us TRON geeks won't be having to sit around for 28 years hanging onto this last one, like we did the first one.

What's Playing's Hollywood Insider reports that one possible idea for the sequel would be to bring back the characters of Yori and Laura, both played by Cindy Morgan in the original 1982 Tron movie.

I'm told that this latest film was essentially "Flynn's story" and because of that, some characters... weren't needed. Producers decided that "instead of having a familiar face "walk past in the background" those characters might be best "saved for a later film where they'd potentially have something to do.

There's about five or six different story lines in consideration for the next film, and at least a couple of them feature the character of Laura, who would be married to Alan Bradley (Bruce Boxleitner's character).

In addition, Cillian Murphy is on board the film, should it go ahead, playing two characters. I don't think I need to say any more about that.

Most interesting though is that the series may go ahead without Kevin Flynn.

No Kevin Flynn? Cillian Murphy back in the possible sequel? That's all very interesting, though it's still very early to tell for certain. However, they did start making those plans early ...

So what do you think — are you excited about the possibility of another Tron sequel? And do you think that it could possibly go ahead without Kevin Flynn?

(via Moviehole)

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