Rumor of the day: Time travelers to be part of Star Wars TV show

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Dec 16, 2012

If that proposed Star Wars live-action TV series, Star Wars: Underworld, ever actually gets on the air, one of its first plotlines is rumored to be a real doozy.

Star Wars: Underworld is the long-in-development series that will allegedly take place in that roughly 20-year span between Episode III: Revenge of the Sith and Episode IV: A New Hope. It's supposed to focus on smaller or previously unknown characters in the Star Wars universe, but according to Ain't It Cool News, one early episode of the show will feature a plotline that could change the course of Star Wars history.

How so? Well, according to a source, one of the first episodes will follow a group of bandits who somehow acquire the ability to travel in time ... and promptly hatch a plan to
journey back to the past and erase the existence of Darth Vader!

Sounds like a fascinating idea and one that's in keeping with the "darker, grittier" vibe of the series that producer Rick McCallum spoke about a while back. It also brings the concept of time travel—which was never raised in the movies and only fleetingly used in a few of the Star Wars novels—front and center.

Whether that episode actually gets produced, however, depends on whether the series itself ever comes into existence. In May 2011, George Lucas told G4's Attack of the Show (via Movieweb) that Star Wars: Underworld was delayed indefinitely due to concerns about making the show look like the movies on a TV-series budget.

But if Star Wars: Underworld does eventually surface, would you like to see time travel introduced into the mix—and possibly upend the entire Star Wars mythology?