Rumor of the Day: Why haven't we seen T5 yet? It's all on Ahnold

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Dec 17, 2012

It wasn't so long ago that Arnold Schwarzenegger was promising us not one, but two new Terminator flicks, but now it seems those promises may have been empty. Word from inside the lagging production is that absolutely zero progress is being made, and it's all Ahnold's fault.

It seems like Arnold's been talking about jumping back into his robot skin since Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines was released nearly a decade ago, but he was a little busy being a Governator for a while there. Now his political career is over, and his movie career is ramping up once again with roles in things like Sylvester Stallone's Expendables franchise, so there's no time like the present to start terminating again, right? Apparently not.

Moviehole heard from a "contact inside the agency that was on packaging duties on the sequel," who basically said the next Terminator flick is dead in the water. Why? Apparently Arnold's very busy, plus he hasn't seen a script he likes yet.

"Arn never really committed to [a fifth film] anyway. All those projects he's apparently doing - Twins, Commando, Terminator - aren't real yet; not while he has script approval. He wants a T5 that's script is a lot better than ROTM [Rise of the Machines]. Isn't one yet. Reason Lin's not currently on it."

The "Lin" in that quote is director Justin Lin, who picked up the T5 gig last year and promptly started meeting with both Schwarzenegger and Terminator creator James Cameron. But these days Lin's got T5 on the back burner while he works on the sixth installment of the Fast and the Furious franchise. According to Moviehole's source, Lin took another film because he "needed to eat" while Arnold made up his mind about a script.

So, Arnold's both dissatisfied with the work he's seen on the flick so far and committed to other movies, Lin's back working on other blockbusters, and producer Megan Ellison, who's got the rights, is also busy with other flicks at the moment. The flick's not completely dead yet, and according to Moviehole's source there's still interest in resurrecting Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese for the fifth installment, but at this point it seems like getting it made will be much, much harder.

Do you still want to see a fifth Terminator flick, or is it time to let this one go?

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