Rumor: Will Blade prequel center on Deacon Frost?

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Dec 14, 2012, 3:54 PM EST

It's easy to forget that before Stephen Norrington's original 1998 Blade movie, Wesley Snipes was perhaps best known to sci-fi fans as the blond psycho Simon Phoenix in Demolition Man, and vampires were mainly adolescent dreamboats a la Buffy.

But the original Blade added a much-needed dose of bad-assery to the genre and created a durable (if somewhat faded) franchise that helped Marvel become the movie powerhouse it is today.

Now comes word that Norrington is planning a Blade prequel of sorts to feature the character of Deacon Frost (Stephen Dorff), and that Dorff is the guy who came up with the idea.

Norrington confirmed the news, first reported in the Sunday Mail, to Comics2Film:

Dorff told UK's The Sunday Mail that the new movie would be "a prequel to the Blade movies, Deacon's story. It's a new trilogy the director has created. It will [be] cool."

Norrington confirmed the news although said the movie is "not exactly how the article describes but close."

The director credits Dorff with coming up with the idea for the new project, which "has evolved into a very interesting story."

For his part, Norrington hasn't done much of note since the truly awful League of Extraordinary Gentlemen in 2003. The director told Comics2Film that he'll take up the Blade prequel after finishing work on a reinvention of the Crow franchise.