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Runaways' second season will see the gang facing the reality of homelessness

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Oct 30, 2018, 11:25 AM EDT

Runaways, Marvel's acclaimed Hulu series about a group of teen heroes who form a bond when they discover their parents are secret supervillains, will return for its second season in less than two months, and when it does we'll be thrown right back into things.

As we saw during the season premiere at New York Comic Con earlier this month, Season 2 picks up just minutes after Season 1 left off, and the show is living up to its title. The team really are runaways, having fled home in an attempt to get some distance from their families and figure out what their purpose is. That means many new challenges lie ahead, and according to Marvel Television head Jeph Loeb, one of those challenges is the reality of homelessness.

Speaking to, Loeb laid out the idea of expectation versus reality at the heart of the teen runaway fantasy, and how the show will explore that.

“The idea is, where do they go now?" he said. "Every one of us at some point has that sort of romantic idea that running away is going to be this great thing, that we’re not going to have to listen to our parents, that we’re going to be able to sleep as late as we want, eat whatever we want, and then by day three, when you’re on the street and it's cold, and one of the things that [creators] Stephanie Savage and Josh Schwartz have done really well is looking at the nature of what’s going on with homelessness and living on the street and what it’s like and how these kids have to combat that given the fact that only a day before they were living in Brentwood mansions and could phone for anything.”

Taking an everyday teenage issue and inflating it to epic proportions is a Marvel Comics superhero story tradition, one that's been at the heart of the Runaways ever since they were introduced. It's a story that hinges on the idea that all teenagers at one point or another happen to think their parents are the worst, and it just so happens that these kids have parents who actually are. It's teen drama writ large, and that's part of what makes it work. Luckily for these Runaways, according to co-creator Stephanie Savage, some of them will be better equipped to deal with it than others.

“Every character handles it really differently,” Savage said, “and certainly someone like Molly has a little bit more of an advantage in the street, with her powers and her ability to speak Spanish, than someone like Chase, for example, who’s been in like a lacrosse-bro bubble for his whole life. So it’s fun to see how each of them, who maybe at home had more of a power advantage in their community, that changes when they’re in the street.”

Runaways returns to Hulu for its second season on Dec. 21. Will you be watching?