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Rush of pre-orders for Atari's new VCS console crash Indiegogo website

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May 31, 2018, 10:45 AM EDT

Last year, Atari announced it was working on a new console that would harken back to the company's 2600 model (released in 1977), the first home video game system to popularize the removable cartridge idea. Pre-orders for the Atari VCS opened this week on the product's Indiegogo page, and the demand was so high that it crashed the website, reports Gizmodo.

Featuring a sleeker, more modern look, the VCS was inspired by the 2600, but has so much more capability. Not only can you play hundreds of classic games like Adventure, Asteroids, and Centipede, but you can also access social media, streaming services, music, and modern games "from a wide variety of independent developers."

"The Atari 2600 offers this amazing palette of iconic details. You got toggle switches, and wood grain, and fins, and angles. We looked at taking those core components and evolving it for a next generation," says Dana Krieger, a director of industrial design on the product, in the VCS promotional video.

With callbacks to the original ribbing and wood paneling in its updated design, the upcoming console is sure to inspire a nostalgia rush in anyone who grew up with the 2600 in the late '70s and early '80s. 

Originally shooting for a $100,000 goal, the Indiegogo campaign impressively surpassed it with over $2 million from fewer than 8,000 backers. Atari fans still have a month left to buy in and can have the VCS shipped to their doortstep sometime in July.

Capitalizing on this new wave of nostalgia, Intellivision is also working on its own modernized console, which “will carry on the company tradition of ‘firsts’ with its new concept, design and approach to gaming.”