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Russell T. Davies just created new Doctor Who incarnations beyond Whittaker’s 13th Doctor

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Apr 4, 2018

Former Doctor Who showrunner Russell T Davies recently wrote a novelization of “Rose,” the first episode of the series revival that aired in 2005 which he also penned. While retelling the story in book form Davies not only took the opportunity to flesh out the plot by looking back at 10 seasons of the BBC series — with an eleventh one on the way — but he also created brand-new versions of the Time Lord beyond Jodie Whittaker’s 13th Doctor, who made her debut in the Christmas special “Twice Upon a Time.”

Set to hit book stores in the UK tomorrow, the new Target Collection edition of “Rose” may be considered canon but Davies clearly decided to have a bit of fun by including two future incarnations of the Doctor that may or may not ever come to pass on TV (depending on whether or not current showrunner Chris Chibnall or any other future showrunner digs the ideas). Interestingly, it includes another female Doctor. Here’s the relevant book excerpt released by Radio Times.

Doctor Who Target Collection Rose Book Cover

“Rose saw a photo of a man with a fantastic jaw, dressed in a tweed jacket and bow tie. Then Clive kept the sequence going; an older, angry man in a brown caretaker’s coat, holding a mop; a blonde woman in braces running away from a giant frog in front of Buckingham Palace; a tall, bald black woman wielding a flaming sword; a young girl or boy in a hi-tech wheelchair with what looked like a robot dog at their side…”

As some of you may recall, Clive was a conspiracy theorist obsessed with the Doctor (whom he assumes is an immortal alien) who shows Rose several old photographs where we see only see Christopher Eccleston’s Ninth Doctor. One features the Doctor on the Titanic, one where he’s present at the assassination of John F. Kennedy, and another where he’s seen during the explosion of the Krakatoa.

It's pretty clear from the excerpt that Davies is describing Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor, Peter Capaldi’s Doctor Number 12, and Whittaker’s 13th Doctor. He then goes further by adding two more incarnations, with one not only being another woman but a bad*ss black bald woman wielding a flaming sword a la Beric Dondarrion from Game of Thrones; while the other Doctor appears to be a disabled child of indistinguishable gender accompanied by K9 (who is actually set to return sometime this year).

But that’s not all. According to Radio Times, Davies also added some previous incarnations of the Doctor to Clive’s photo collection, chiefly of Tom Baker’s Fourth Doctor. The book also features David Tennant’s Ten, but apparently Rose looks away before she sees any pics of him. Which totally makes sense since seeing him in a photograph beforehand would have ruined the surprise Rose got when she first saw him after the Ninth Doctor regenerated in the Season 1 finale. She clearly had never seen his face anywhere else before.

What do you think of Russell T Davies' ideas for those two additional Doctors?

(via Radio Times)

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