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Doctor Who's Russell T. Davies pens 'Rose' prequel, live-tweets for 15th anniversary

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Mar 26, 2020, 4:53 PM EDT

Fantastic! Just after current Doctor Who showrunner Chris Chibnall published a short story featuring the 13th Doctor and promised “a never-before-published treat" from former series showrunner Russell T Davies later this week, Davies has made good on that promise by posting a prequel short story to his seminal Doctor Who episode, “Rose.” 

In advance of the 15th anniversary live streaming of “Rose,” the episode that brought the long-dormant Doctor Who series back to life, Davies has written and published “Doctor Who and The Time War,” available on the BBC website.


Davies prefaces the story about its origins and how it was never intended to be published until “a science fiction-shaped virus came along to change our lives (honestly, I’ve written the end of the world 100 times, but I never imagined everyone just sitting at home).” 

He continues: “Emily Cook of [Doctor Who Magazine] created the livestream Day of the Doctor, then turned to Rose, and asked me if I had anything to offer..? At exactly the same time, Chris Chibnall emailed me, saying we need the Doctor more than ever these days, and could I think of any material?” So, here we are. 

Davies live-tweeted the communal viewing of “Rose,” which began today at 7 p.m. GMT / 3 p.m. ET using the hashtag #TripOfALifetime. He even had to join Twitter to do this! Throughout, he offered bits of behind-the-scenes trivia about shooting the episode and what it’s been like to revisit the episode that rebooted the series. 

Here are a couple fun tweets from Davies:

And on that burping bin:

And from folks following along:

Even one of the episode’s stars (Mark Benton, who plays Clive) got in on the fun:

"Rose," starring Christopher Eccleston as the Ninth Doctor and Billie Piper as the eponymous Rose, first aired in the U.K. on March 26, 2005. 

This follows current Who showrunner Chibnall publishing a short prequel story about what the 13th Doctor (Jodie Whittaker) was doing just before we meet her in the episode “The Woman Who Fell to Earth” (hint: she was falling). And on Saturday, another former Who showrunner, Steven Moffat, temporarily returned to Twitter to live-tweet a communal screening of the 50th anniversary episode, “The Day of the Doctor.” Moffat even presented some original material, which was performed by Dan Starkey, who plays the (semi-)reformed Sontaran Strax (with the aid of Neve McIntosh)…

All episodes of Doctor Who from Seasons 1 to 12 are available to watch on BBC iPlayer.