Russell T Davies says Who fans shouldn't ignore that time the Doctor was half human

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Mar 21, 2019, 12:56 PM EDT (Updated)

The former Doctor Who showrunner says we'd be fools to discount one of the most contentious statements in Who history. 

The '90s were a dark time full of Hot Topic shopping, ska listening, dial-up modems, and worst of all -- no Doctor Who. Well, almost no Doctor Who. There was that 1996 TV movie. If you've never seen it, know this -- it starred Eric Roberts as the Master, and was focused on Y2K, but most importantly it involved the Doctor saying this:

The Doctor? Half human? J'accuse!

Any good Whovian will tell you it's best to banish that moment from the canon forever. Unless that fan is former showrunner, and enormous Welshman, Russell T Davies. In fact, he very nearly mentioned that which shall not be named during his time at the helm.

I don’t like the half-human thing. He certainly isn’t half-human, but it’s less interesting to say it simply doesn’t count. I always wanted to put in a line where someone says to the Doctor ‘are you human?’ and the Doctor says ‘no, but I was once in 1999. It was a 24 hour bunk.’ Part of the reason I never put that in was it was a bit too self-referential but also I thought I’m spoiling the TV movie if I do that.

Regardless of how he (or anyone else) feels about it, Davies is resolute -- the half-human twist counts.

In that time, like it or not, the Doctor was half human. Everything in that story says he was half human, so you can’t not count it. I don’t think we can ignore it.

Maybe there's a deleted scene where the Doctor used the chameleon arch to transform himself into a human, but it only half worked? Maybe there was a human/Time Lord metacrisis? 

Or maybe I'm thinking about this too much and, whether it counts or not, the whole concept is better left in the past and never mentioned again.

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