Russell T Davies wants you to know Captain Jack isn't gay

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Mar 21, 2019, 12:56 PM EDT (Updated)

We didn't say it, Russell T Davies, producer and co-writer of Torchwood: Miracle Day, did: Captain Jack Harkness isn't gay. But it's going to be hard to prove after the upcoming season of Torchwood.

Davies told AfterElton he spent so much time playing up our hero's homosexual side that he'd forgotten to play up the heterosexual one. Now he's afraid he's mistakenly given the wrong impression.

I think by the end of this series I'll have to give interviews stressing that Jack is omnisexual and not just gay; we've failed slightly with the ladies this time. And I don't say that lightly either—we're telling some genuine love stories, passionate love stories as well as having some fun with the character. There's one relationship as the series develops that becomes in many ways the spine of the whole thing; the character [of Captain Jack] has not been calmed down, or censored, or compromised in any way.

Torchwood: Miracle Day is about so much more than the adventures (and exploits) of Captain Jack. It's about what happens to the world when suddenly no one dies. As a result, Davies said, "we're all left with a health care system that stops up. Because the world kind of depends on people dying—food and hospitals and assistance sort of depend on the regular turnover of death, so when that stops, you see what happens to the whole of society. And that's what Torchwood has got to tackle."

Viewers will be pleased to know that Torchwood gets to the bottom of this mystery—and hopefully solves it—in the span of this 10-episode season. Davies said, "It's worth pointing out that there's an ending. It's not one of those things where we tell you we'll give you the solution in five years' time."

We're looking forward to an action-packed 10 hours ... even though we don't see anything wrong with five years of Captain Jack.

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