Being Human's werewolf Russell Tovey explains WHY he's leaving

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Dec 15, 2012, 11:18 AM EST

We're still reeling from Friday's unexpected news concerning Russell Tovey's departure from one of our favorite U.K. sci-fi series ever, Being Human. It's now a few days later, the dust has settled a bit, and the guy who played the show's lovable werewolf has opened up about the reasons why he's leaving.

And it has a lot to do with a certain newly minted Middle-earth Dwarf ...

The actor spoke to SFX magazine's Narin Bahar about why he decided to say goodbye to George, and to Being Human:

"I felt so sad when I saw how Aidan was leaving. I felt so sad for George, because he was losing his best friend; I felt so sad for the show, because Mitchell was a big reason the show was so successful. I feel like we were The Spice Girls and we'd just lost Ginger. Or we're Take That and we'd just lost Robbie. Or we're Westlife and we'd just lost Brian. Although no-one cared about Brian. Okay, we were Take That.''

Just to jog your memory a bit: George staked his BFF, the vampire Mitchell (Aidan Turner), to spare him a life of misery under the yoke of those new dastardly vampire bosses that came into town. It was one of the saddest and most dramatic moments we'd seen on the show yet -- not to say ultimately shocking. We actually thought he'd never do it right to that very last possible moment.

Russell Tovey adds:

"I'm going to miss Aidan. I didn't want to do it without Aidan and I wanted to leave on a high. It just felt time.

"I know some people might be pissed off with me that I've left, but I want people to love George and understand that I want to go off and explore other things. It's sad. I'd decided that I was going to go when I finished filming series three, but then it was so successful and I thought, 'Should I really be leaving?' But I am. For me three is the magic number. It's always in my head. I'd done three series and I was ready to go."

That's the power of a great bromance, my friends.

We're told that George will somewhat be in series four—though we still don't know the extent of his role yet.

We're also being reassured that the character will get a proper sendoff and won't just vanish with the drop of a line to Annie (Lenora Crichlow) and Nina (Sinead Keenan), saying something like ''Blah blah I've left to go to blah blah.''

We don't know about you, but we're a tad anxious to see how Being Human creator Toby Whithouse plans to wrap up George's storyline. He's become a new dad on the show, after all, and leaving his girlfriend—and new mom—Nina behind him seems just plain wrong.

What do you think about Russell Tovey's reasons for leaving? And how do you think George should leave what's left of the Being Human gang behind?