Russo Brothers bringing Rick Remender's Deadly Class series to TV

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Jul 22, 2016, 8:12 PM EDT

The guys who made Captain America: Civil War such a monster hit are turning their attention to a very different comic for their next project.

The Russo Brothers, who cut their teeth directing some of the best episodes of Community and Arrested Development, are reportedly signed on to adapt the Image Comics’ series Deadly Class as a television series. Along with the Russos, the comic’s comic’s co-creator/writer Rick Remender is also attached. No word on where the series might air, but Sony TV is eyeing cable and streaming services as a potential landing site for the project.

Deadly Class is a coming-of-age story set in the late 1980’s, which follows a disillusioned teen recruited into a storied high school for assassins. The young protagonist is tasked with juggling a ruthless (literally) curriculum, a social life, and the usual adolescent uncertainties. Expect in this case, they could all prove fatal. Remender and artist Wes Craig co-created the series in 2014.

If the series lands distribution, Remender and the Russo brothers will executive produce (they’ll also be a little busy directing Avengers: Infinity War). Adam Targum (Banshee) will serve as showrunner.

(Via Deadline)

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