Russo Brothers describe Avengers: Infinity War as a Thanos-centric heist film

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Nov 1, 2017, 3:24 PM EDT

Remember pre-Winter Soldier, circa 2014, when folks were wondering how the Russo brothers’ sitcom experience on shows like Arrested Development and Community would translate into the MCU?

Well, after two adored Captain America films, brothers Anthony and Joe Russo are thoroughly entrenched in directing the next two Avengers movies, Infinity War and whatever they end up calling Avengers 4, aka Avengers: Infinity War 2.

As such, CNET recently caught up with the duo on set at Atlanta’s Pinewood Studios, and the brothers played it close to the vest, as Marvel minions are wont to do, but they did divulge one interesting revelation about the two-part film, namely that it’s a heist film, pretty much starring Thanos:

“With ‘Infinity War,’ the biggest new element to the movie is Thanos and the fact that he's entering the storytelling in a very bold, strong way, to the degree that he's almost one of the leads. We've shaped an interesting narrative around him that in some ways leans heavily on a heist film in the fact that he's going after the infinity stones in a much bolder, successful way than he has in the past. The entire movie has that energy of the bad guy being one step ahead of the heroes. We looked at a lot of movies that had that heist-style energy to them, [and] that brought some inspiration.”

Up till now, we’ve mostly seen MCU Thanos (Josh Brolin) in a few post-credit scenes and brief cameos, but for the most part he’s remained a mystery. Now it looks like we’ll be seeing him front and center, apparently stealing stuff. Which is not only exciting but also makes sense, considering all we’ve heard about the films thus far, and some that we surmised, particularly the sprawling nature of Open eyeClose eye Show Spoiler the six Infinity Stones needed to assemble the Infinity Gauntlet that Thanos so desperately wants .

But hey, it’s not like the Russos, old-school comics guys themselves, don’t have plenty of Marvel stories to draw inspiration from (as they regularly do). Thanos has been mucking up the Marvel Universe since Mike Friedrich and Jim Starlin’s character first appeared in 1973’s Iron Man #55, and they can also draw on stories like The Infinity Gauntlet, Infinity, and Infinity War, just to name a few. 

We'll see soon enough when the Russo brothers, Thanos, and pretty much every other character from the MCU lead Avengers: Infinity War into theaters on May 4, 2018. What heist films do you hope they'll pluck from?