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Russo Brothers say they'd make another Marvel movie, but it'd have to be 'Secret Wars'

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Nov 29, 2018, 10:03 AM EST

The Russo Brothers, directors of Marvel’s biggest films, like Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War, have long held an interest in the groundbreaking comic story arc of Secret Wars. The mega-crossover was the first of its kind at the company, bringing all the characters up through its 1984 launch into the mix — something Joe and Anthony Russo desperately want to bring to the screen now that some of the previously untouchable Marvel characters are going to be up for grabs. And, now that they’re moving on from Avengers 4, it might be the only thing to bring them back.

The directors recently mentioned that they were taking a break from the world of superheroes, something bemoaned by the audience and host of the screening they held a Q&A after. However, the brothers did mention at the event that they would return to superherodom... only for the honor of helming Secret Wars, though.

Check it out:

Pseudo-retirements aren’t uncommon in the world of genre, especially in the world of superheroes, where a fake-out can be planned years and years ahead of time. However, after tackling some of the biggest blockbusters put in theaters, taking a step back does have its charms. It’s just that Secret Wars has even more seductive ones.

The brothers proved their merit manning epic crossovers, so the ability to do justice to the conflict between the heroes and villains of Battleworld seems well within their abilities. For a film franchise and superhero universe looking to fold in a whole gaggle of mutants that have so far been ignored due to real-world rights issues, the multiverse-altering world of the newest Secret Wars may be exactly what the MCU needs to bring in the fresh faces (and powers).

Fans certainly won't know for sure until well after the still-untitled Avengers sequel hits theaters on May 3, 2019.