Russo Brothers send fans into frenzy with instructions to 'look hard' at Avengers 4 tease

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Sep 19, 2018, 2:41 PM EDT

Nobody loves a mystery more than a comic book fan (there's a reason DC stands for "Detective" Comics, after all) and no one is better at putting that love to good use lately than Marvel's Russo Brothers, whose steerage of the Avengers films has been full of twists, turns, an unblinking willingness to knock off beloved characters, and teasers that even the (knocked off) God of Mischief would approve of. Today's tweet from the Russos teasing hidden info about Avengers 4 is no exception, and fan reaction has been swift, with enough forensic investigation of this one black and white photo to fill a full episode of CSI

The fact that the Russos captioned it, "Look hard..." is a great example of knowing your audience. We love looking for Easter eggs, and clues; damn straight we're gonna look hard! So, here it is, folks. What's your theory? 

The prevailing wisdom of the fan-o-sphere seems to be that the "A" shapes of the easel and the ladder are hinting at the title of what is now still commonly known as "Avengers 4," but which some folks have hypothesized might be being hinted at as "Avengers Assemble," or some other alliterative title. Others have pointed out that if you look reallllllly closely, you can see 4 A's (the camera far left, the easel, the ladder, and one in the top far right) symbolizing 4 A's = Avengers 4. Still others are asking what's in the cooler or, my personal favorite, claiming to finally see an "invisible" Drax. 

It's been quite a month of tiny tiny tidbits such as these for Marvel fans, with more than seven months to go til the film's May 3, 2019 release. In early July while touting Ant-Man and the Wasp, Kevin Feige revealed that the film had already begun the edit process a couple of weeks prior, and the cast has been doing the necessary re-shoots this summer, resulting in a couple of other photos, one from Pepper Pott's Gwyneth Paltrow and another from Hawkeye's Jeremy Renner, neither of which revealed too much, though, hey, at least Hawkeye fans can know for sure he's in this one. 

Let us know what you think about the mysterious "Joe Russo at a laptop" photo in the comments. With May so far off, we'll all be looking hard til we get there.