The Russos dig into the 'limitations' of The Vision, how he fits into Civil War

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Mar 11, 2016, 3:32 PM EST (Updated)

With all the buzz over Captain America: Civil War, and the faceoff between Cap and Iron Man, it’s easy to forget that one of the most powerful characters in the MCU will also be kicking around in this sequel. So, how will the newly introduced Vision fit into the fight?

Directors Joe and Anthony Russo chatted with Collider for an extensive interview about what many fans are billing Avengers 2.5, and said they’re definitely addressing the elephant in the room that is the ultra-powerful Vision. So, how are they approaching the iconic comic character’s section appearance? By finding his limitations, and figuring out how he fits into the real world once the dust settled from defeating Ultron.

Here’s an excerpt from some of Joe’s comments on the topic:

“Our influences were more post-modern comics than they were Silver Age books. So Vision doesn’t walk around the Avengers compound in his cape, he walks around in clothes. He’s trying to assimilate. So you just make choices like that that try to pull the characters to as human a realm as we possibly can. We’ll look at their powers and go, we like limitations. We like characters that have limitations to their powers, so there’s a cost for everything that they do. Wanda can’t fly, she can use her power to push herself off, launch and then bring herself back down. But she has to stop herself and it’s not the most graceful version of flying. It’s just using her power to create energy to push herself up and bring herself down, but she’s still subject to gravity.

Vision, if Vision is too powerful then what do you need everybody else for? So there are limitations to him as a character. His arc specifically in this movie is about him discovering his limitations. Put a handheld 200 mm lens on a character and its very different than a 40 mm wide, so the representations will always be different. It’s just different taste. Joss loves the books he grew up with, he loves that big, wide comic book framing and we love to put long lenses on like Ridley Scott and get in there on the characters in a different way. It’s just different interpretations.”

Considering just how many characters they have to balance here, it’s encouraging to see each arc seems to be getting special attention. Which, The Vision begs the obvious question — why wouldn’t he just be able to use his immense power to end this conflict? We can’t wait to see how the Russos answer it.

Captain America: Civil War opens May 6, 2016.


(Via Collider)