Rutger Hauer hunts Dracula in 1st footage from Argento's 3D suckfest

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Dec 16, 2012

Italian horrormeister Dario Argento has never exactly been known for his subtlety, so we were sure his new Dracula 3D project would pack plenty of over-the-top vampire awesomeness. The first (slightly NSFW) footage from this opus has finally hit the 'net, and with Rutger Hauer heading up the cast as an intense Van Helsing, it doesn't disappoint.

We've heard that the flick won't be a direct adaptation of the Bram Stoker novel (we have enough of those), but this footage certainly packs plenty of bloody punch. It's got much of the look and feel of the classic Hammer Horror Dracula pictures, the ones with Christopher Lee as the red-eyed bloodsucker and Peter Cushing as the fearless vampire hunter.

This time the role of Dracula is being filled by German actor Thomas Kretschmann (who you might know best from his role as Captain Englehorn in Peter Jackson's King Kong), and Argento's own daughter Asia has the role of Dracula's victim Lucy Westenra. But the real star is definitely Hauer, and he looks damn badass decked out in Victorian waistcoats chasing bloodsuckers.

This footage is definitely not polished enough to be a trailer (some of the FX shots aren't finished), but it is just the long-awaited taste of this flick that we've been craving. This isn't a tasteful, complex rendering of the count. This is Dario Argento drenching the screen with blood, fangs and heaving bosoms, and who doesn't want that?

(via Bad Taste)