Ryan Coogler reveals villain he wasn't allowed to use in Black Panther

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Feb 10, 2018, 6:23 PM EST (Updated)

When Ryan Coogler first started working on Black Panther as the film's director and co-writer, he was eager to see which characters he could use in the film.

In an interview with Yahoo!, Coogler said that a scene in writer Christopher Priest's run on the Black Panther comic books was something he was initially keen to recreate in the movie:

"Being a Marvel fan, you want to grab all the characters. You realize there’s contractual things. You don’t have that character. There was a Christopher Priest run that was pretty heavy, there’s a big scene where Panther’s fighting Kraven, Kraven the Hunter."

Kraven the Hunter, aka Sergei Kravinoff, is actually one of the most formidable villains in Spider-Man's rogues gallery. Introduced in 1964 as a crazed big game hunter, he made it his life's work to capture and kill Spider-Man, although as with all Marvel characters he has interacted with many other heroes and villains in the canon throughout his career.

Kraven The Hunter

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Kraven is a villain that fans have long wanted to see on the screen, and it was hinted a few years ago that he might have made his big-screen debut in Sony's planned and then abandoned Sinister Six and The Amazing Spider-Man 3. In fact, it was Sony's ownership of the character that ultimately derailed Coogler's chances of having Kraven face off against T'Challa (Chadwick Boseman):

"I’ve always loved Kraven the Hunter in almost every iteration. So there was a moment -- ‘Can I grab Kraven?’ -- and they were like ‘Nah, you don’t have Kraven.’ He was one where I thought, ‘Oh, man.’ But I don’t even know if he would have worked in the movie we ended up with, this was the early days."

Although Sony has now allowed Spider-Man himself to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe, a whole slew of Spidey-related characters -- including Venom, Kraven, Black Cat, and many others -- still belong to Sony exclusively for film use, and may all form the basis of a new Sony Marvel universe (the upcoming Venom is the first foray into that). It remains to be seen whether Sony lets other characters -- especially some of Spidey's classic villains -- play in the MCU as well.

In the meantime, we can only dream about it. Would you have liked to see Black Panther square off against Kraven?

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