Ryan Reynolds coins next great phrase, invites post-dentist tripper to Deadpool 2 premiere

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Jan 5, 2018, 3:20 PM EST

If you’re in a post-wisdom-teeth surgery drug haze, and the only thing you can think about is Deadpool 2, then you know you’re a superfan. And we, and apparently Ryan Reynolds, think that should be rewarded.

As such, Twitterer James D. Eversole Jr is heading to the Deadpool 2 premiere, thanks to some well-placed tags on a video his wife took of him after getting four wisdom teeth removed.

Though it’s hard to comprehend, you can hear Eversole worrying that he missed “the Deadpool movie,” and his wife assures him they’ve seen it “5 billion times.” To which he hazily responds, with as much of an exclamation as he can muster, “Deadpool 2!”   

Having experienced a similar surgery, Reynolds sought to help ease his fan’s pain -- granted, having one’s “wisdom-testicles” removed sounds a lot more painful.

Once he regained consciousness, presumably, Eversole couldn't believe his luck...

Yet again, we must thank Reynolds, not just for his generosity in extending Eversole the hard-to-get invite, but also for yet another fine contribution to the advancement of our lexicon. We’ll definitely be using that phrase again.

In fact, since Reynolds does mention the film is yet untitled, perhaps until further notification, we’ll just go ahead and call it Deadpool 2: The Wisdom of Testicles.

Deadpool 2: The Wisdom of Testicles, starring Ryan Reynolds as the merc with the mouth, opens wide June 1, 2018. And James D. Eversole Jr. will hopefully have already seen it.